Panel discussion – May 9th 2023

Unter dem Motto „Nachhaltig wirtschaften – Zukunft sichern“ sprachen Vertreter aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft, wie die Transformation Richtung klimaneutraler Wirtschaft gelingen kann.

AERRL: a study on alternatives to fossil fuels in railway

AERRL has launched this study authored by eolos GmbH to identify and
promote technologies to cut the climate impact of the existing diesel-powered rail fleets in the near
future. A transition from diesel must encompass the technological readiness and application scenario
as well as a proactive approach to include the European Union (EU) regulations prohibiting highemissive practices.
The aim of this study is to start a conversation that takes up the EU’s query about the most effective
policy levers for a very low-carbon emission railway industry. Proper and detailed calculations with
regard to the environmental impact of each solution should be addressed in the next phase.

What does industrial decarbonization look like?

Hager Group, advised by eolos, is working towards manufacturing eco-responsibility. By involving plant energy managers and implementing improvements, they reduced CO2 emissions by 1% in Q3 2022, eliminated 200 tons of non-recycled plastic packaging, and aim for 100% sustainable packaging by 2024.

Product Environmental Declarations

Over a 4-month sprint, we achieved AGEC Law compliance for Ariston through systematic regulatory analysis, collaboration with electrical system experts, and identification of knowledge gaps. We consolidated relevant information for compliant disclosure.