What does industrial decarbonization look like?

Florence Moro, Head of Manufacturing Excellence at Hager Group explains in a few words, what it takes for a Group like Hager to follow an ambitious process to bring its production plants to to the forefront of eco-responsability!

Very encouraging first results! The investment plan for the first six plants is under validation to be implemented in 2023. But in the meantime, Hager’s teams are active and achieving initial results.

“As soon as the objectives were set, and on the advice of Eolos and Naldeo, we communicated with the teams, to involve them as much as possible. We presented our progress and organised thematic focuses for the network of plant energy managers, so that they could participate in the reflection phases, upstream of the project. Beyond the global roadmap, this also allows us to work in a “quick wins” mode to reduce our carbon impact with the “Learn, Focus, Share” spirit.

Thanks to this internal ecosystem and the efforts of Eolos and Naldeo, we have already reduced our CO2 emissions by 1% in Q3 2022, despite our production growth of 2%! Our monthly monitoring has identified several areas for improvement with immediate results. For example, our factory in Poland was consuming 30% of electricity during the two-week annual shutdown, which was illogical. We have reviewed this and have reduced our consumption to 5%! We have also eliminated almost 200 tons of NRPP (Non Recycled Plastic Packaging) in two years. On all sites, and for all types of packaging, the teams are mobilized to achieve the objective of “100% sustainable packaging” by 2024.

These results are very encouraging and would not have been possible without the support of our partners. They really knew how to take a step back, while remaining very concrete and connected to the field. Our teams in the plants are very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the support. The former skepticism about the relevance of integrating service providers in the loop has completely disappeared. Naldeo’s teams are clearly an additional force to really make things happen, which allows it to go faster on some subjects. Our relationship with Naldeo and Eolos is indeed perceived as a partnership! We feel that the consultants are extremely involved, the outcomes are of excellent quality… So we will continue our collaboration next year!

The whole interview can be accessed here in ENGLISH or FRANCAIS

Many thanks to the eolosians Jonas Briese and Henri Cuin for their relentless participation in this project, next to the NALDEO Technologies Teams, and of course to Hager Group for their trust and ambitious targets!

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What does industrial decarbonization look like?

Hager Group, advised by eolos, is working towards manufacturing eco-responsibility. By involving plant energy managers and implementing improvements, they reduced CO2 emissions by 1% in Q3 2022, eliminated 200 tons of non-recycled plastic packaging, and aim for 100% sustainable packaging by 2024.

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