Take control of your carbon emissions

To achieve sustainability, businesses must first understand their daily processes and build an actionable carbon assessment. This allows them to set fair and achievable targets aligned with global carbon budgets and national regulations. Developing a decarbonization roadmap involves identifying feasible and impactful solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

How can we help you?

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Building an assessment tailored to your business, fitted around your leading emission sources.

Our expertise around Scope 3 helps you drive impact down all along your supply chain

Process measurement

Using energy management & MFA principles to identify and monitor your key metrics.

Precise measurement empower you to track and improve your progress

Setting fair & adequate targets

We compute your emission targets based on your ambitions accounting for different standards, from the SBTi to the EU Taxonomy, so that you‘re ready to submit your claim to SBTi.

Decarbonisation trajectory

Quantifying the effect of your actions to achieve your targets, taking into account exogeneous effects.

So that you are clear on the milestones your functions need to achieve to live up to your ambitions

Energy optimisation

Conducting feasability studies on your manufacturing sites, quantifying precisely your GHG impact and related costs.

A concrete roadmap and the right partners to implement the pre selected levers

Product Carbon Footprint & Life Cycle Analysis

Activating the insights from product-centric analyses to deepen your understanding of your climate impact and take the appropriate actions to reduce these impacts.

We can also compute PCFs across all life phases

From the industry, for the industry

How do we convert insights into action?

Our approach is built on an engineering framework & a science-based methodology. Powered by a dedicated team of consultants and technical experts. 

It starts with anticipating the new environmental regulations and requirements, and measuring your impact before finding the most relevant levers to activate and roll out your implementation roadmap

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Customer stories

Detailed Scope 3 Carbon Footprint

In a 6-month project with a locomotive lessor, we provided a Company Carbon Footprint, auditing Scopes 1&2 and assessing Scope 3 emissions. Granular analysis offered actionable levers for environmentally-conscious asset purchasing strategies. The GHG Protocol-compliant report facilitated future internal assessments.

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Efficient Carbon Footprinting Tool

We collaborated with Austria’s ÖBB for 3 months to provide them with a tailored tool for accurate Company Carbon Footprint assessment and prioritization of improvements. Working with TU Graz, we identified top CO2 emitters and conducted workshops, empowering ÖBB to manage its carbon footprint effectively.

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What does industrial decarbonization look like?

Hager Group, advised by eolos, is working towards manufacturing eco-responsibility. By involving plant energy managers and implementing improvements, they reduced CO2 emissions by 1% in Q3 2022, eliminated 200 tons of non-recycled plastic packaging, and aim for 100% sustainable packaging by 2024.

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