Design for Circularity 

Focusing on products, processes, and solutions redesign, we address challenges and technical issues all along the value chain. The objective is to retain products, components and materials value as long and as much as possible – transforming from value chain to value cycle.


To scale up this ambition, we partner with CYIENT, a global engineering and digital technology solutions company. Together we develop “Design for Circularity”, an engineering practice to support your operational functions.  


Product Management  

Implementing Product Management is a key lever for your competitiveness and profitability. We support you in all process aspects.


From R&D to Product Roadmap, we help you aligning your commercial plan to the priorities of your engineers and linking in to your financial and resource planning. 


Our work is based on the 10 R framework, developed by the University of Utrecht.


It is based on 10 different product value retention options. By subcategorizing the product life cycle and putting each stage against those value retention options, the framework enables you to identify your role and/or the opportunities which can be addressed to achieve circularity in your business. 

10R framework.png

Obsolescence Management  

Increasing existing product reparability and managing obsolescence is a very concrete way to extend product life and avoid you re-investing massive CAPEX.


We support you in solving your critical obsolescence issues - but can also bring you in the proactive mode, anticipate future issues and address stringent legal requirements.


In cooperation with CYIENT 

Packaging Re-design / Re-engineering  

Not only does packaging create an enormous amount of waste, it also brings challenges for re-use or recycling.


Re-designing or re-engineering packaging for circularity is a huge opportunity for businesses to take a step back and come up with solutions that comply with increasingly stringent regulations, as well as minimize waste outputs.

In cooperation with CYIENT