Locomotives Lessor

Detailed Scope 3 Emissions Carbon Footprint

During a 6-month collaboration with a major locomotive lessor, a full Company Carbon Footprint was provided, offering a granular view of emissions from each locomotive and related activities, based on partial recorded information.

To comply with GHG Protocol and other reporting standards, the client’s Scope 1&2 assessment was audited in a first step. Subsequently, the first assessment of scope 3 emissions was conducted including LCA expertise on railway systems. The assessment was granular on the level of each locomotive, extrapolating from partial Railster data, with a final uncertainty under 20%.

Action levers were identified, leading to an asset purchasing strategy that incorporated business strategy targets along with environmental objectives. The GHG Protocol-compliant Carbon Footprint report included all assumptions and result analysis to ensure that the assessment was duplicatable internally.

eolos was reconducted in 2022 to assess scope 1&2, scope 3 is to come.