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Collaboration is the new competition

Transitioning towards greater circularity impacts all functions of a company, all bodies of a political region, all management levels across an entity. At eolos we bring the right partners in every project to be able to support you with everything on this adventurous journey

Industrial partners

They complement us

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Portugal & EU Innovative technological solutions company dedicated to the railway industry aimed at reducing life cycle costs and extending life time of physical assets

Norway & EU Engineering company bringing solutions to tertiary sector buildings in energy efficiency, and reducing energy consumption

France & EU Engineering & Industrial company supporting industrial & manufacturing sites in energy efficiency and process optimisation.

We are part of these communities

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Academia & research institutes

They inspire us

University of Utrecht

Leading institution in industrial application of the principles of the circular economy, source of inspiration for our 10-R framework.

TU Graz

CRESTING is translating critical assessment to lessons for managing the transformation to a circular economy, exchange on industrial perspectives


French Institute of Research and Higher Education in engineering and science. eolos gives regular lectures to various programs and interacts with professors on specific product-related missions