Our Team & Values

From the industry, for the industry

Our team includes dedicated specialists from all over the world, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The common thread being our commitment to supporting you in the management of your business within the planetary boundaries.

Henri Cuin

Managing partner

The virtue of moderation is the real boldness

Angèle Bertin

Consultant & Carbon Expert

Compulsively quantifying all aspects of the conversation

Hanna Benarroch

Business Analyst

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make

Jonas Briese


Passionate about glassy water and perfect waves

Baptiste Grüss

Consultant & Env. Policy Regulations Expert

A good understanding makes concrete and positive action possible

Leena Jäger

Principal & Change Management Expert

Enthusiast about co-creative teams and their collective intelligence to find the best journey towards sustainability

Andrea Castillo Jacob

Business Administrator & Consultant​

Impact and purpose driven. Passionate on becoming the change I want to see in the world.

Irina Chèvre

Business Analyst

Passionate about creating a link between economy and natural sciences

Empowered by our values

  • We are uncompromising on ethics

  • We are building on goodwill, integrity & respect

  • We embrace diversity to unleash the potential of people’s creativity

  • We foster collective intelligence to build sustainable solutions

  • We are placing accountability where it belongs

The world’s biggest challenges are rarely solved by one person or linear solutions

Inspired by nature, we believe that it takes a network of diverse people and organisations to foster eco-innovation and enable long-term change of industrial processes

Our certifications & accreditations

We want to get challenged to be better and better in what we do

Supported by our advisory board


“In these times of major changes and growing uncertainties, the word Sustainability finds its true meaning. eolos was created with this understanding: creating value at any costs is over. The only way forward is to create sustainable value”

Richard Dujardin

“It’s time to find a new credo where profitability does not hinder social and ecological wellbeing. eolos helps companies to make this credo real. I deeply believe in their approach and fully trust their expertise in bringing new solutions to you.”

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