Accessing scientific research and practical experience 

As in-depth research often serves as the fundament and starting point for new, leap-frog innovations, we are connecting with leading academic institutions that are driven to elevate the Circular Economy movement.


Together with our partners, we translate research into practice and help industries to apply cutting-edge research on new frameworks, technologies, and ideas.

London School of Economics

University of Graz

They inspire us 

Leading institution in industrial application of the principles of the Circular Economy, source of inspiration for  our 10R framework

Interactions with researchers from diverse backgrounds and creating collaborations between research and practice in circularity

CRESTING is translating critical assessment to lessons for managing the transformation to a Circular Economy, exchange on industrial perspectives

Technical University of Munich

Pulling in experts from the Circular Economy Chair to help our clients realize more circular busines approaches and products

Established leader in the field of environmental research and training; Green award-winning campus