Shift to Circularity

We help you increase your company's resilience by pre-empting environmental regulations and translate them for your business. Together we establish a roadmap for your organization, turn it into concrete actions and regulations in business opportunities.


We always apply a systemic approach in everything we do. In order to make your transformation a success, we embed circularity in the company operating models and facilitate necessary change in culture and leadership.

Awareness sessions

What is the Circular Economy, or Design for Circularity? What environmental regulations might affect my business in the near future and how can I adapt?  


Our awareness sessions help you get an overview of the Circular Economy, from its key principles to how to apply it to your products & business models. 

Regulatory Watch

Regulations imminently affect your business and anticipating them is pivotal to making the right business decisions.  


We provide an EU regulatory monitoring service focussed on all fields outlined in the EU Green Deal, fitting our work to the unique needs of your company and sector. This enables you to proactively shape discussions by having all the detailed facts, data and understanding. 

Green Plan 

The shift to Circularity starts by setting a clear and achievable ambition level and share it with all stakeholders. Once Market and employee expectations, competition as well as regulatory pressure are duly analyzed, opportunities along the entire value chain are prioritized and a roadmap designed.  
We don’t aim at having the best plan. We rather aim at maximizing the chances of successful execution. 

Risks & Opportunities 

Are your Risks management process considering an “administrative task” rather than a tool to steer decisions? Are you actively anticipating the ever-changing regulations related to EU Green Deal and its related impacts on your business?​  


We bring process & tools: from the Governance to the reporting, across all relevant functions from Corporate to the shopfloor​. We implement the principles, train the resources and reinforce decision-making​. 


A key lever to effective and efficient decision-making as well as operational performance is to implement the right organisational framework and governance.  


To best serve your organisation, we exploit the advantages of the Circular Economy as an innovative approach to build operating models and frameworks to solve complex problems.