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Trainings & Awareness Sessions

The stress we put on our planet and limited resources induced by the way we do business today is prompting companies worldwide to consider the Circular Economy as an enabler to reduce their environmental footprint.

What about you?

Would you like to use the collective intelligence of your team to define a way forward for your business situation 


J. Lokrantz/Azote based on Steffen et al. 2015.


What to expect:

Planetary Boundaries for a healthy economy & living space

  • An introduction to the planetary boundaries framework

  • Quantifying planetary boundary related to climate change

  • How regulators are defining business playing field to cope with planetary boundaries

  • Measuring your impact / the impact of businesses: GHG emissions for quantifying your impact and setting science-based targets

We introduce you to the principles of the Planetary Boundaries, and how they are key to a healthy economy and living space.


With a focus on the Planetary Boundary for Climate Change, we look at how GHG emissions can be used to quantify your impact on the earth system processes.


What to expect:

  • An overview of the circular economy concept & definition​(s)

  • Eolos 10R framework to implement principles​

  • Examples of the the 10Rs in practice

  • Current & key pressure points​

  • Operational Opportunities derived from the circular economy

  • Stakeholder mapping: Who’s concerned in your organisation​

  • Shift to circularity: an holistic approach on where to start in your organisation​

& industry-related quizzes, key facts and figures, and a team-building spirit all along!

What is the Circular Economy, why Circular Economy, and why now?

Learn about how to seize the opportunities for your company by understanding the principles of the Circular Economy and the current market dynamics. 

Why is the Circular Economy an opportunity for your business? 

What to expect:

  • Introduction to the European Green Deal

  • Main environmental policies and regulations: overview of the sector and nation specific regulations

  • Deep-dive into the main targets of the law

  • Discussing your positioning: efforts vs. urgency, with regards to the identified regulations relevant to your sector

  • Examples of impact on the product life cycle of your business and sector

& some fun and team-building with your team!

​Which guidelines & legal requirements are relevant for your business? 


Ensure your company remains ahead of the ever-changing regulations


Be aware of those environmental regulations important for your business, understand their political objectives and let us jointly discuss effects and action strategies for your company


Shift business model to achieve sustainability and profitability


Get to know our 10R Framework, discover new business models and dive into the world of innovations and start-ups

What to expect:

What are the new business models of the Circular Economy?

  • A Closer look at the circular economy main figures & profitability​ trends

  • Deep dive into new business models associated ​

  • Concrete implementation examples in industry or startups from various sectors​ (with a focus on your industry)

  • Discussing shifting levers and strategies for your company​

  • Defining the CE business models applicable to your business and designing new ones tailored for your market(s)​

  • Innovation markets analysis for investment strategies​


Opening-up to new opportunities to increase product value retention in your sector


Find out what opportunities exist for your company by using specific examples from your business field and working with our 10R Framework

What to expect:

What are the circular processes for your company? 

Based on your company / industry challenges we can organise working sessions around:

  • Obsolescence Management / Product-life extension / Repairability​

  • Traceability / Digitalisation for transparency​

  • Material / Packaging re-engineering​

  • Drawing inspiration from the 10R framework and industry examples ​


& draft with your teams a heat map / efforts vs. benefits matrix of the primary areas you shall explore with your team to improve your environmental footprint and reflect your efforts in your offering.

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