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We embed environmental sustainability into your daily operations to reduce your carbon emissions, industrial waste & resources usage

In response to the adverse effects of climate change, many organisations have taken actions - as highlighted in the European Green Deal - to collectively mitigate the impacts and transition towards more sustainable economies. In other words, public and private organisations are moving away from today's "linear economy" to favour a model where value retention of resources is maximised: the Circular Economy.

As an industrial consulting and investment company, we leverage the circular economy principles, which offer a science-based framework and endless opportunities for companies to re-think their business models and operations while remaining profitable. 

Together with your team, we co-design your plan and solutions to: 

  • Connect your carbon trajectory to your strategic plan and meet national targets

  • Convert your waste into value and avoid pollution

  • Rethink your product design and associated processes & business models

Where do we start & How do we do it?

4 phases, a science-based framework & endless opportunities to act differently



Understanding the current situation, upcoming environmental regulations, while bringing your team along. 

Measuring the environmental impact of your sites, products and processes: from carbon footprint assessment to LCAs.

Setting the targets you need to reach to be -at least - compliant with today’s and future regulations. 

Connecting it to your trajectory thanks to OIKOS3


Finding with your teams and our partners, the right levers & innovations to build actionable & scalable roadmaps that enable you to  meet your business objectives as well as your commitments.

So that you effectively reduce your Carbon emissions, convert your industrial waste into value and integrate sustainable materials into your value chain.


Time to tell the world about what you are planning to achieve to fight climate change; by getting the right certifications, structuring your teams & governance, and disclosing your commitments (from Reporting standards like SBTi, CDP, the GRI to your products Environmental Declarations) 


Every change brings challenges and resistance.


Don’t worry we are here to support in developing new capabilities and to help your team(s) understand their impactful part in this sustainable journey, ensuring it continues, long after our time together.

We could tell you that we can do it all, but the truth is: we have an enhanced experience in:



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Key Metrics (Carbon Footprint, LCA, MFA) and related Environmental Reporting & Certification standards (GRI, SDGs, IFRS, BCorp)

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Environmental Policies & Regulations Monitoring

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Project Management & Consortium arrangements along the value chain

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Environmental Products Roadmaps,

Eco-design & Product-life extension

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They trust us

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The world’s biggest challenges are rarely solved by one person or linear solutions

Inspired by nature, we believe that it takes a network of diverse people and organisations to foster eco-innovation and enable long-term change of industrial processes  

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