eolos is an industrial consulting and investment company, 

implementing the principles of the Circular Economy. 

The European Union and various member states have developed strategic plans  –  lately the European Green Deal.


For a transition towards a resource-efficient economic framework according to the principles of the Circular Economy.


Internationally, the Circular Economy principles are also gaining momentum prompting companies all around the world to take positions, amongst others India, Australia, or Canada. 

This means a great transformation of the economy towards a circular one

and changes for many industries.  

Together, we design your circular journey. 

By mobilising multi-disciplinary expertise, we act as an architect of integrated solutions with two consulting offers. 

Shift to Circularity

Increasing your company resilience by monitoring new regulations and embedding circularity principles in your company’s strategy, process and culture.

Design for Circularity

Engineering your circular solutions to retain as much value as possible along the whole value chain and to reduce the environmental impact. 

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By locating and revealing innovations, we take you into the world of cutting-edge technologies and start-ups. 

Innovation Scouting

We provide you with direct access to innovative ecosystems operating within the Circular Economy - for you to invest or to let your company benefit from collaborating with visionary start-ups. 

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Partnering Alliance

Building on our partner's competences  and diverse  backgrounds,  we make sure to bring you the right people to tackle the challenges and seize opportunities for and with you.

The world’s biggest challenges are rarely solved by one person or linear solutions. 

Inspired by nature, we believe that it takes a network of diverse people and organizations to foster eco-innovation and enable long-term change of industrial processes.  

Research Institutions

Together with our research partners, we translate research into practice, and help industries to apply cutting-edge research on new frameworks, technologies, and ideas.

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For us, the Circular Economy is about designing out waste and keeping products, components & materials in use as long as possible. Regenerating the environment while increasing profitability.” 

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