Mission & Team

Boundless Creativity Within the Planetary Boundaries,

We embed environmental sustainability into daily business operations and product designs so that companies can successfully operate within the planeraty boundaries

Pierre-Yves Cohen

Managing Partner

Passionate about the Circular Economy

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Angèle Bertin

Consultant & Carbon Expert

Compulsively quantifying all aspects of the conversation

Lise Cozzarolo

Regulation Analyst

Obsessed with the geopolitical stakes behind critical raw materials

Hanna Benarroch

Data Analyst

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make

Jonas Briese


Passionate about glassy water and perfect waves

Baptiste Grüss

Consultant & Env. Policy Regulations Expert

A good understanding makes concrete and positive action possible

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Leena Jäger

Principal & Change Management Expert

Enthusiast about co-creative teams and their collective intelligence to find the best journey towards sustainability

Andrea Castillo Jacob

Business Administrator & Consultant​

Impact and purpose driven. Passionate on becoming the change I want to see in the world.

Irina Chèvre

Business Analyst

Passionate about creating a link between economy and natural sciences

Empowered by our values

  • We are uncompromising on ethics

  • We are building on goodwill, integrity & respect

  • We embrace diversity to unleash the potential of people’s creativity

  • We foster collective intelligence to build sustainable solutions

  • We are placing accountability where it belongs

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