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Take control of your Scope 3 carbon emissions

From carbon measurement to your tailored decarbonisation roadmap.

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Knowing where to start

Knowing where to start

Carbon footprint assessment can be overwhelming at first.

Before starting we help you identify the major issues and priorities for data collection - based on our extensive experience in the sector.

Navigating the data complexity

Navigating the data complexity

Your data is not 100% complete?

No worries, our carbon experts are here to support with data requests both internally and externally. When the data is not available, we provide tailored modelling and extrapolations to fill the gaps.

Getting the calculations right

Getting the calculations right

Calculating your environmental impact is a complex process. To break free from inaccurate spend-based estimations, we support you with our profound knowledge of your products and activities. From the industry, for the industry.

From the industry,
for the industry

How can we help you?

No matter where you are at the moment or where you want to be – whether your aim is to simply comply with environmental regulations or you are looking for a detailed plan to achieve your environmental sustainability targets and reposition your brands as a key contributor to the world decarbonisation – we have something for you.

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They trust us (?)

They trust us

Responsible Sourcing Best Practice

Collaborating for 3 months, we analyzed eco-responsible purchasing practices in railway and industrial sectors for a French public operator. After researching and conducting interviews with 20 European companies, we provided 10 actionable recommendations aligned with the client’s CSR strategy.

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Detailed Scope 3 Carbon Footprint

In a 6-month project with a locomotive lessor, we provided a Company Carbon Footprint, auditing Scopes 1&2 and assessing Scope 3 emissions. Granular analysis offered actionable levers for environmentally-conscious asset purchasing strategies. The GHG Protocol-compliant report facilitated future internal assessments.

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Efficient Carbon Footprinting Tool

We collaborated with Austria’s ÖBB for 3 months to provide them with a tailored tool for accurate Company Carbon Footprint assessment and prioritization of improvements. Working with TU Graz, we identified top CO2 emitters and conducted workshops, empowering ÖBB to manage its carbon footprint effectively.

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