Life Cycle Assessment

Your product environmental performance

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic approach to assess environmental impacts of products, services, or activities throughout their entire life cycle. Compared to other assessment matrix, LCA considers all stages, from raw material extraction and production to use and disposal, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of the environmental performance of the assessed object.

eolos aims to pride our clients with science-based and future-oriented Life Cycle Assessment  to support the product design and business strategy decision-making. We also assist customers to go through the “data jungle” for accurate computation and comprehensive declarations.

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1. LCA creation

1. LCA Creation

3 levels of tailored studies : from high-level LCAs calculation (adequate for early product development stages) to compact LCAs (for incremental product adjustments) to comprehensive LCAs (supporting long-term decision making and external communications)
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2. LCA Pre-verification

2. LCA Pre-verification

PEPs/EPDs are publicly available documents put under ever-increasing scrutiny, their (non-)reliability could severely impact your brand image.​ Whenever you want to use your data publicly, an independent and systematic verification is a vital investment!​
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3. Product Declaration

3. Product declaration

PEP – Ecopassport // International EPD System // others
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From the industry, for the industry

Beyond compliance: How do we convert requirements into opportunities?

Regulatory compliance is just the first step towards a sustainable and economic future for your company.  We translate the range of environmental regulations, integrating the specific industry targets and topics, as well as competitor and customer benchmarks 

Our approach and expertise are guided by the principles of the Circular Economy. Get ready for your tailor-made Circular Economy strategy or start working on your SBTi roadmap with us! We go for collaborative and well-managed processes with all relevant stakeholders, functions, and experts in your company.

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Customer stories

Product Environmental Declarations

Over a 4-month sprint, we achieved AGEC Law compliance for Ariston through systematic regulatory analysis, collaboration with electrical system experts, and identification of knowledge gaps. We consolidated relevant information for compliant disclosure.

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