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70% of emissions come from resource use to produce everyday goods. In companies manufacturing electrical and electronic appliances, more than 90% of the emissions come from the "Use of Sold products".

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Challenges for the electrical & electronics industry

The electronical & electronics sector is key to the environmental and energy transition, enabling other industries like the building or transportation sectors to decarbonise their operations through more efficient products. And yet it faces many challenges itself:

Complying with customer needs & regulations

The electrical & electronics sector is facing stringent regulations on energy efficiency, Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) and end-of-life management of products. Depending on your markets, customer pressures to provide Environmental Product Declarations (PEP, etc) including for packaging, require particular attention from your teams

Taking control over your indirect carbon footprint

Industries will not be able to reduce their footprint all by themselves. Hand in hand with suppliers, your product’s components environmental performance must be re-assessed and enhanced. Downstream, thanks to a circular economy strategy, you will be able to increase product life-spans and ensure a real and effective recycling

Finding ways to cope with resource scarcity

Tomorrow may come with challenges in terms of access to resources (prices for copper, nickel and neodymium raised by 65% since 2020), as well as increasing pressures regarding your product design policies, driven by the need reduce your environmental impact, including your Scope 3 emissions.

From the industry, for the industry

How can we help you?

No matter where you are at the moment or where you want to be – whether your aim is to simply comply with environmental regulations or you are looking for a detailed plan to achieve your environmental sustainability targets and reposition your brands as a key contributor to the world decarbonisation – we have something for you.


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Responsible Sourcing
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Customer stories

Product Environmental Declarations

Over a 4-month sprint, we achieved AGEC Law compliance for Ariston through systematic regulatory analysis, collaboration with electrical system experts, and identification of knowledge gaps. We consolidated relevant information for compliant disclosure.

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Reducing Plastic Packaging

We assisted Hager Group in targeting 100% sustainable packaging by 2024, eliminating 300+ tons of plastic waste. Collaborating with external suppliers, we analyzed current plastic usage, launched reduction projects, and redesigned packaging to meet technical and marketing needs.

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What does industrial decarbonization look like?

Hager Group, advised by eolos, is working towards manufacturing eco-responsibility. By involving plant energy managers and implementing improvements, they reduced CO2 emissions by 1% in Q3 2022, eliminated 200 tons of non-recycled plastic packaging, and aim for 100% sustainable packaging by 2024.

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