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“Inspired by the thinking of Jeremy Rifkin, I am convinced that we can create a purposeful way of doing business based on the principles of the Circular Economy. Designing for circularity can create tremendous value, in terms of sustainability and profitability.”

Pierre-Yves Cohen

 Founder and CEO 

Let’s contribute to the change we want to see in the world 

"We cannot solve our problems with the  same  thinking we used when we created them."  

Albert Einstein 

The world, nature, and resources need us to change our way of producing, living and working. Only then we can make sure further generations still find a place where they can enjoy life. At eolos, we are convinced the time has come to transition towards a more digital-ecological-collaborative-sharing economy: the Circular Economy.   

One by one, we are 100% committed to sustainability. We are passionate to implement the changes needed to foster those new principles and ways of doing things. Positioned at the crossroads between industrial partners, political stakeholders, and society, we act as an architect, whose mission is to bring adequate expertise for the successful implementation of integrated solutions. 


Our Values

  • We are uncompromising on Ethics

  • We are building on honesty, trust, and integrity


  • We embrace diversity to unleash the potential of people’s creativity

  • We are motivated to learn and grow to build the long-term future

  • We are placing accountability where it belongs


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